Zannah Steiner RMT
This clinic is undergoing a complete transformation.

On the face of it, little has changed; you continue to be our sole focus.
Treatment is still customized, in an uncompromising manner with every objective to meet your needs. We are still intent on bringing the “living room” to your medical clinic, thereby alleviating the starchy, uninviting and even sometimes foreboding experience of the medical world.
The clinic still boasts 5 treatment rooms, a soaker tub with jets, a steam room and two showers, in addition to our detoxifying foot spa – all within this intimate setting!

The true face-lift has more to do with our approach to you, the recipient. It is here that Soma Therapy Centre shines. We are working to develop a holistic approach second to none.

So, what is Holism you ask? Holism comes from the Greek word “holos” meaning all, entire or total and the use of the term implies that all the parts of a given system, (biological, mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual) can not be determined or explained by the sum of its component parts alone. Instead, the system as a whole determines an important way the parts collectively behave.

Simply stated, Holism describes how all of life is connected and therefore, interdependent, and therefore, nothing can be fully understood unless it is seen within the context of the whole system.

Indeed, this is our aim.

With this broad perspective we assess and treat you as abiding by your stated outcome. Your goals are our goals, and we back this approach with our internal Brand Promise,
“Swaddled in intimate connection, we will support each patient to transform and heal themselves. Your health is our focus.”

t is our belief that we are changing the world one body at a time beginning with your body first – and then the body of your loved ones.

Can you think of a better gift?

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