I liked that you, as practitioners, were cross-disciplinary. In this way, you catered to my body’s needs by incorporating a blend of techniques into one treatment session. I appreciated the flexibility that went along with changing “mid-stream” when necessary.


A letter from Niki

What I most liked about my experience was the balance of commitment, caring, skill and respect.



I liked the empathetic and concerned attitude of every clinic employee I worked with, as well as a sensation of receiving something of enormous value for my well being.



To whom it may concern:
While I do not customarily write statements of support for services I have received, I have agreed to do this for Zannah Steiner and the Soma Therapy Centre as I agree so strongly with the work which they do. In short, I can honestly say that the services which I have received while in Zannah's care have changed the course of my life. Let me explain.
I had a number of car accidents which left me in an extremely debilitated state, both physically and emotionally. While I attempted to continue my life's activities as I had always done, over the years, the accumulated trauma to my body, and the attendant pain just kept increasing exponentially. My relationship to my body became a more and more distant one.
One can only go so long in this fashion, however. Eventually, much as I tried to avoid it, the unattended recovery needs of my body took over and my system eventually collapsed. I had no other choice but to listen to what my body was telling me. It was at this time that I entered into an intensive treatment program with Zannah at the Soma Therapy Centre.
It is so hard to encapsulate exactly what I learned in the course of the treatment: everyone's physical challenges are unique to them, and in turn, so is the path toward recovery.
What I can say is that Zannah, more than any practitioner that I have met, is equipped to be there with the patient irrespective of what their individual needs may be. This is so both due to her superior therapeutic skills in her chosen field of CranioSacral technique, and also due to the unparalleled level of dedication and caring which she brings to her work. The combination allowed me to challenge the barriers to my healing in a way which I may never have been able to do with anyone else.
Much as I would have liked it to be otherwise, the road to healing is never an easy or a short one. In dedicating oneself to working with Zannah, it would be unwise to expect quick fixes or overnight recoveries, much as the road to physical limitations is a slow and progressive one as well. I can say without hesitation however, that a properly motivated patient who is willing to challenge themselves on all levels in order to get better, will benefit enormously from Zannah's wisdom and skills.
Zannah believes so strongly in the innate human capacity to heal that she fosters this ability within the patient. This is true even when the obstacles may seem to be insurmountable from the patient's own subjective view.
Zannah helped me to connect to my body and in turn reverse some of the patterns of limitation which I previously had feared were irreversible. In summary, I feel that Zannah has bestowed a huge gift upon me: the ability to connect with my body and in turn cope with and gradually limit the pain as it arises. She is truly a treasured resource in the rehabilitative field. I sincerely hope that other physically impaired individuals be given the opportunity to recapture their health through her care.



The honest and clarity of communication and the cohesiveness and integrity of your team are exceptional. I liked the depth of knowledge and ability of each team member.


I appreciated the personal attention you receive – someone is always there for you and ready to listen to your comments. I also liked the way that when you ask a question, everyone tries to be exact in their response about what is going on.


There are very simple and easy to demonstrate ways that I think this makes a difference for people. After my first treatment here I went 3 days in a row without a headache, which is probably the first time in my life that I can remember. There is absolutely no way to tell you how joyous it makes me to be in the middle of that process with these people. And I think that’s it. That’s the important stuff.

It’s your courage …their conviction.

C. Robinson
Actor/ Singer

I enjoyed the love, caring, and strength of each person there. I appreciated their commitment, willingness to look at confrontation, and stamina to see something through. This clinic is a shining light made up of shining lights.

This is the most healing place I know.



Words hardly seem sufficient to adequately express how I feel about the help I have received through Zannah and the other practitioners at Soma Therapy Centre. I went from only coping and surviving in my body, to living life to the fullest with wholeness and deep inner healing. Zannah made that difference in my life through her high level of skill in CranioSacral therapy, and I will be ever indebted to her for it.
I look back on a good life, with a wonderful loving family, and a deep and precious faith that have been like anchors to me. Yet, I also look back on a life full of pain. Emotional pain started for me at 5 years old, due to abuse that my parents were unaware of. When I was about 10 years old, I had an experience of complete body paralysis. Doctors gave no answers for it. I don't remember a time after that, that I was without body pain, and I became totally dependant on various practitioners to keep my body functioning. A very serious motor vehicle accident at 20 years old only intensified my pain. To survive, I eventually separated in my mind from all my pain, and lived in an imaginary pain free body...my minds' noble attempt to survive and live with only the great joys life had brought to me. But whether living with conscious awareness of my pain or not, it was still present...and progressively getting worse.
Eventually, I collapsed, and suffered a very deep and long suicidal depression. I received intensive medical, psychiatric and counseling therapy for 2 years. I received sufficient help to get well enough to function normally again, but in my heart, I knew I still wasn't free of my emotional pain, and of course certainly not free of my increasing physical pain. I had concluded that life might always be painful for me, because I had tried every avenue of help I ever found, and never received anything more than short term and only partial relief.
Finally, (wonderfully), I found Zannah, and the real healing process began. What a thrill it was to, treatment by treatment, realize that my physical pain was indeed getting less and less, until the thrilling time came when I felt no pain at all. Much of my body had seemed disconnected from me, but through Zannah's great skill with SomatoEmotional Release, little by little, emotions were released from my body that my previous therapy was unable to do, and a deep soul purging came about, allowing my body to become connected again, and more than that, for my body and soul to become one. My whole being was emptied and yet left full. Full of feeling instead of numbness. Full of love instead of pain. Full of life instead of deadness. Full of trust instead of betrayal...There was a wonderful releasing and letting go of the worthless chaff from my life's experiences, and I was left with the precious kernel of life, in its fullness and freeness. I was finally at peace with myself.
I received help for many other physical ailments as well, and I was also freed from the nightmares, fears, and phobias that I had been left with from my abuse. I left one particular treatment feeling slimmer - my self image had begun to change. Interestingly enough, I began to lose weight after that, (which I badly needed to do), without any real conscious effort. Changes came in every aspect of my life. I am now very much more positive in my outlook on life. All my energies used to go into coping with my past and my pain, and surviving. Now they go into living and thriving!
Zannah is incredibly sensitive to her patient's needs and gives very definite and wise direction in each treatment, and yet remains a very neutral medium, only facilitating their healing process. She does her work with great skill, yet she doesn't get in the way of the patient doing their work, but rather encourages full participation of the patient in their own healing. It is not a quick fix, nor an easy one, but rather a process of hard (but very worthwhile) work, resulting in deeper commitment to one's self and the ongoing growing process.
Being able to trust has always been a major issue for me, but what I found in Zannah and all the staff at Soma Therapy Centre made that as easy as possible. The very atmosphere of the Soma Centre is one of great care and consideration of the patient. I found Zannah to be very highly skilled in her work, and very professional in her approach. I have only ever felt very safe with Zannah. She has been most respectful of my person, my feelings, and my values. Yet, while she is very professional, she also gives a very personal touch to the treatments because of her wonderful heart of genuine love and care for people.
My experience at the Soma Therapy Centre is not finished, and perhaps never will be. I am sure I will return from time to time, because I have confidence that the services offered there will help me maintain optimum health and well being in the future. I sincerely believe that every person would benefit in some way from CranioSacral therapy, but it should most certainly be seriously considered by all who are in any amount of emotional and/or physical distress.

Sincerely, one of Zannah's very satisfied patients.


Our experiences have been life changing for our family and we are forever grateful that we have found you and your incredible clinic! Thank you.

K. and K.C.

I got the feeling that you genuinely cared about what you’re doing and me. The staff knew when to be sensitive/blunt as the situation dictated. I liked explanations of what you were doing to me (at the time), so that I could understand the process. I liked that the process was not a set program but was gauged by what I needed, not by a set schedule.


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