I liked the love, caring, and strength of each person there. I also liked their commitment, willingness to look at confrontation, and stamina to see something through. This clinic is a shining light made up of shining lights. The best experience during my Intensive was coming to a resolution of all the critical parts, and learning not to escape. I learned to trust the words and intuition of others in this process.This is the most healing place that I know of.



Hi Merrill:

I said I'd write and let you know how the cranial sacral therapy worked for me. As you're aware, my hearing improved immediately, I think it's stayed that way but it's hard to judge. I'm keeping the volume down on
my TV (to my neighbour's delight no doubt) so if that's an indication then it's still working. Another change was in the neck and shoulder pain that I've been waking up with for the past many months. I'd tried changing pillows, sleeping postures, etc., to no avail, but found myself virtually pain free the morning after my treatment so it was obvious, my head needed "screwing on right." It's been nothing short of a miracle and the pain has stayed away, Yippee...
After a great sleep, I had a great following day (Friday May 9th) with a sense of calmness (which usually doesn't fit with my hectic schedule) and I felt an alleviation of anxieties which, again, has stayed with
me. Could this be part of the therapy?
Needless to say, you have a convert here.

Again, thanks, we should re-name you Merlin.

M. J.

I liked the wholeness of the service I received. All of my needs were met, as I needed them, in the perfect way.



The non-judgmental atmosphere increased my self-awareness and enabled physical, mental and emotional healing through alternative therapy. This allowed me to now live a more pain free spirited life. I spent “all that I had” on your intensive program. It helped my spirit body and mind to bind together and take charge of my pain, my dysfunction and my life! I decided…. I’m worth it! Thank you.


This process and these people are giving me, and have given me, the opportunity to find an unparalleled level of support, love and guidance in helping me to get my life back… I owe it to myself to do this and to be involved with this and I am encouraging anyone who has that inkling towards greatness and living life with all of its colour
– the entire spectrum of everything it has to offer –
to give themselves the opportunity through this process and these practitioners, a chance to attain that.
It’s very practical, very doable. It’s very real.

D. Pemberton
Actor/ Martial Artist/ Stuntman

  "Zannah it‚s D.P. calling. I just wanted to call and not only check in but thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I feel quite born again. My mind and my brain feel like they‚re breathing. I had an excellent sleep on Wednesday night. I woke up actually feeling cheerful and alert. I evacuated an incredible amount and felt really good about that. Yesterday I felt a little sore. This morning I woke up and I felt more energetic. And although I‚m ashamed to admit it, I have to tell you that I actually packed away all of my Christmas decorations that have been sitting on my couch since Christmas. And I‚m actually cleaning up, which is very unusual. I haven‚t had any energy to do this at all. So although I feel as though there are still areas that need to be cleared, I am so grateful to you because I can actually feel the energy flowing through my body. And it just feels so good to be alive again. So thank you very much. I know you are in session right now. If you did want to talk to me I‚ll probably be home all day. If not, just take this message with my gratitude and have a wonderful weekend. And I look forward to seeing you later in the month".

Dear Zannah,
I have wanted to write you these few lines for a long time ~ever since I was privileged to observe and feel your work the day I came with B., but days have been full and nothing got down on paper.
Zannah, I was very, very impressed with the work you do. I love your respectful approach with those who come to you, always asking permission before proceeding or touching, etc.. To provide so many facets of healing work all in the one clinic is very excellent. This was my first exposure to witnessing this kind of therapy, but I had heard much from B. about your work, and I saw clearly in her the evidence of some real results that had never been achieved before. I came that day already believing the worth of the therapy you were doing, but I left knowing what I was believing in!!
As you likely know from B., I also am full-time involved in the work of the Ministry in our Faith. Over the last number of years, in working closely with people, some deep inner problems have surfaced for them ~abuse etc.. Though not particularly trained in this area, I was very aware of the help that could be given by being confidential and trust worthy, and supportive, and not blaming as gradually they opened up to talk or shared what was written. I realized no further progress could be made in life, either spiritually or naturally until these loads that were carried were able to be gotten out, and then could be dealt with and put away, but they could not just be smoothed over. I was glad to do whatever I could. However, as much as progress was made, there was always something that didn't go far enough or deep enough. Now, I see in the body and tissue release work you are doing, this can really get to the core of what the body tissue holds onto beyond what memory and subconscious can really bring out. It is such a necessary work.
The client finding the answers of his or her own truth about themselves, and those answers coming from themselves is such a powerful work. They really have a sure anchor to hold onto when their own body releases these answers. The human body just becomes more and more miraculous all the time! I know there is a lot more to your work than just these simple terms that I have written, but from this level onwards I fully appreciate what you and your associates are doing. Thank you so much for involving me in some "hands on" experience that day. It was wonderful to feel how real the rhythm is in the body, and what a help to work with it. Incredible, but a very real work!!
Over the past 21 years I have known D., sometimes I have been in her area and sometimes far femoved from her, but have tried to stand by her at times in the midst of her heavy load. Following her Intensive with you, D. stopped at her good friend's home in Cache Creek for a few days to quietly process her experience. Here in Cache Creek I had a wonderful 2 hour visit with her. We laughed together, cried together at the wonderful joy of what was achieved during the Intensive. I know that nothing else could ever have helped her reach this kind of victory over such heavy past issues, and again, Zannah, I was so thankful for you, your colleagues and the wonderful work you are doing. I whole-heartedly support your work.
Now I have taken far too much of your time, but I want you to know how valuable I see this level of work. I look forward to future contact with you.

With True Appreciation, J.S.

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